Retro and current gen videogames for every generation. From Atari 2600 games to PS4, Xbox One, and WiiU, we have a bit of everything!
Look for our Staff Picks
Our employees pick out games they genuinely enjoyed and create these signs as recommendations to you. Each sign has a small blurb and a drawing on it and are easy to spot throughout the store. Guaranteed to be a fun game.


Game Haven is a locally owned and operated retro videogame retailer residing in Sherwood, Oregon. Dealing primarily with console gaming, we carry new and used videogames, consoles, and accessories.

We also repair consoles, replace batteries in carts, disc resurfacing, and build gaming computers.

We buy, sell and trade!

gengar and jigglypuff playing games together


Welcome to Game Haven and thanks for visiting our webpage!

Unfortunately, our site is currently under construction. It’s making good progress but these things take time. We will be slowly implementing the pages as they are completed (or at least functioning!) and within the next few weeks we hope to have a completely functioning website filled to the brim with information and cool stuff.

Please visit our facebook page in the meantime at facebook.com/GameHavenClassic for questions, comments, or just to take a look around.

Our knowledgeable staff members are genuinely excited about videogames and love to talk about them. Each member enjoys different genres and together we are a wealth of information. We are here to help you find the games or info you’re looking for.

Are your old cartridges no longer holding your save data? Are scratched discs causing skipping or making games unplayable? Console no longer reading or detecting discs? Loud or clogged fans? We are able to do console repairs and cleanings, disc resurfacing, and battery replacements!

We also have a small but exciting retro arcade available to play on. Whether you’re doing laundry nearby, waiting for takeout, or have some time to kill, it’s the perfect spot to spend a bit of time. All our machines are just $0.25 per credit.

  • It is locally owned by an amazing family and they have an extensive variety of gaming needs within their personal shop... I highly recommend going to Game Haven if not for your gaming needs, then for an amazing conversation with some of the others inside the store!

    Jamie C.
  • You can get some pretty awesome games here at fairly good prices. Bunch of arcade games in the back that only take a quarter to play. Really good about returns, defective items, and repairs too =]

    Lindsey L.
  • Very nice store. They always have something good, and always have competitive prices. The staff there is the best! If you ever have any issues or can't find what u need, they can usually suggest something. So much better and friendlier than other game stores, they never try to shovel pre-orders at u.

    Tom R.
  • I think Game Haven is a epic and beautiful example of the classic small town game store.  They have the nicest staff and a great selection of games and old arcade machines; they are my favorite store. 10\10 every time I visit.

    Carter K.
  • I love this store!!! It's exactly what a hometown game store should be! I go to Game Haven for every gaming necessity, before I go anywhere else, and if they didn't have it, then I probably didn't need it. I love this store like I love very few businesses!!!

    Jay S.
  • Fantastic store, the biggest on rare and classic games from originally packaged Ataris through Playstation. They will have something for everyone.

    Abel M.